What users are saying about the Bonding Buddy

Andy, a field tech with tds telecom in his hat and truck is testing the bonding buddy far end device to help him pair dsl cables

Andy- field tech with TDS Telecom

3/15/22 So I was able to use the Bonding Buddy on a trouble call. I suspected a bad pair so I connected it at the NID and was able to perform all my tests flawlessly. It's so valuable on that type of call because I was able to have my tone to identify the pair in the pedestal then short and open the pair. Another benefit I hadn't thought of was that I was able to verify that the dial tone was restored. Normally I would have shorted the pair at the NID and then since it's shorted you don't know if the dial tone is good until you get back and undo the short.

I couldn't be more impressed with it and I sure am glad I have one in the toolbag now!