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A telecom tech installing dsl cables deep in a hole in the snow with a shovel nearby

Dear Telecom Companies,

Do your field techs spend a lot of time running back and forth between cable ends to test their DSL pairs? The Bonding Buddy can help them do that job easier and quicker. This intuitive, handheld tool helps them complete that job in less time and fewer miles, saving your company time and money. That leaves more time to make sure your customers are happy!

It's a tool for telecom field techs that pays for itself in mere months. Bonding Buddy is easier to learn and use than other far-end devices, and it works with any kind of cable test equipment.

Bonding Buddy is like having another technician on the other end of your cable pair. The Bonding Buddy works cheap and never takes a day off or gets sick. It Works with ANY test meter out there, even old ones like the Sidekick.

A product of Pine River Innovations, LLC.

This DSL pair bonding test equipment will shorten the time you spend in installations. It is hand held in a yellow boot and comes with a green water proof and logoed bag

The Bonding Buddy and its water-resistant boot and bag

Telecom trial test kit include clip board and tracking sheets, Bag, Boot, Card and the Bonding Buddy a telecom far end dsl pair test equipment

Now enrolling telecom companies in our Trial program.

Would you like to see for yourself how much time and energy the Bonding Buddy can save your DSL installers? In exchange for a Bonding Buddy trial, we ask that your techs keep a log to help us both know that this far-end telecom test equipment is worth the investment!

Email for detail: or call Al at 218-851-4441

The Bonding Buddy was reviewed by VanTek Consulting, an expert consultant who teaches classes on testing copper lines. Keith is a wealth of knowledge on all the test types, meters, and manufacturers in the telecom space. Watch his review and see for yourself how it works with any meter and will save you time.

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Part two of the review of the Bonding Buddy by VanTek consulting.